Why Make Rock Candles?

Just nine years ago when I was not happy as a supervisor for a large moving company, if someone would have come to me with a program that I could get into with a very small investment and great return, I would have kissed his feet. Well, this is what I have for you.

I not only have the best job in Florida, I make a very good living and enjoy it immensely. I meet people from all over the country, who truly enjoy my product and tell me how much they really like it.

My customers tell me on a daily basis that they get more compliments on my rock candles than their expensive artwork.

This was a dream come true for me when I came up with this unique and beautiful idea over five years ago, and now I am willing to share it with you.

Initially when I thought of this idea, I made these candles from cypress wood, which was OK but it did not give me the large selection of designs that rock has to offer.

This is a complete program that shows you how to make and complete this unique rock candle.

This will give you detailed and accurate information on where to get essential supplies, and never be caught short handed.

This is a very self-rewarding and prosperous venture that you can achieve by following these simple plans. it is very important when starting with this program to set simple goals for yourself. You have to start with a plan, implement it, and not look back.

Here is your opportunity to make a high five-figure income full- or part-time with a very small investment.

The last important item to mention is that I will only sell one program per city.

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