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This is the only manual you will ever need. You can make your dreams come true and never have to work for anyone but yourself. My step by step manual, and the advice I can provide based on over three years of pioneer experience in this new and exciting business, will teach you everything you need to know to start your own rock candle business. You will make more money than you can imagine. You will truly be the hit of any craft show, flea market or chamber of commerce show that you attend. You need to acquire my manual today and be the first in your area to sell this unique product. You can find all the supplies you need right here at Rock Candles Rock. I wanted to be the first in the rock candle business to let you know that Rock Candles Rock offers more knowledge and the best essential products that can be used for making the finest rock candles in the business. The reservoirs, fiberglass wick, plastic funnels and the copper furls that we sell will separate you from all others. I will also give you support for the life of your business.


2 single wick candles $20
2 double wick candles $30
2 triple wick candles $40!

Thanks for stopping by. Please call me at 1-727-415-8859 and I will get you started today.

Chuck Mitchell
President, Rock Candles Rock
rockcandle[email protected]


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